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Message from the DG FIA:


It is with a great sense of honor and responsibility that I have assumed the charge of Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency. The responsibility to lead the premier investigative agency of the country, however, is a great challenge, and I pray to the Almighty to give me the strength and the courage to shoulder it.


The FIA is a multi faceted agency dealing with serious and organized crime. It has jurisdiction over matters important to the international community like immigration, anti-human trafficking, protection of intellectual property rights, cyber crime and money laundering. At the same time it is the lead agency for investigation of important cases of terrorism and terrorist financing. The recently added responsibility of investigation of cases of economic crime and anti corruption have further diversified the range of investigative work of the organization. The international community, the citizens and the Government of Pakistan expect the FIA to perform as a professional and competent organization.

The FIA as an organization would strive to deliver the best services possible to the national and international community through a team of dedicated, professional and competent officials. We assure full adherence to our motto of “Commitment to combating organized crime” in an efficient skilled and impartial manner.

Acutely aware of the critical importance of the role of the public, the international organizations, the local NGOs and media in making FIA a responsive, accountable and service oriented organization, we would welcome comments and suggestions, from all stakeholders. We will ensure that we are able to establish a participative relationship with all stakeholders.s

I and my team assure you of the utmost commitment, dedication and hard work, in striving to make the FIA meet expectations of the people and the challenges of the future. We hope to build upon the good image that the organization has earned under the leadership of my predecessors. We remain committed to making FIA a role model for other public service organizations and lead the way in providing a world class, efficient and professional service.

Mr.Fayyaz Ahmed Leghari
Director General FIA.


Mr. Javed Iqbal


Tahseen Anwar Ali Shah

Former D G FIA

It would be a challenge for Tahseen Anwar Ali Shah beaing a D G FIA but he is very intellectual and he can achieve this job easily. In the third key transfer in FIA within three months, Tahseen Anwar Ali Shah has been appointed as new Federal Investigation Agency director general, reported a private TV channel on Sunday. The government has also appointed Binyamin as Inspector General (IG) of Islamabad. Notifications in this regards have been issued, the channel reported. The appointment of Tahseen Shah, who is a grade 21 police officer and has served as Gilgit-Baltistan Inspector General Police (IGP), had been working as Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) additional DG. His appointment came on the heels of his predecessor Malik Muhammad Iqbal’s transfer who was indicted by the Supreme Court for obstructing course of law before his transfer from the FIA DG post. Malik Iqbal, whose transfer was widely believed as an attempt by the federal government to save his skin, enraged SC by writing a letter to the Interior Ministry that caused transfer of an officer investigating the multi-billion-rupee scam in the National Insurance Company (NICL). The investigating officer was working to the entire satisfaction of the court and the court has asked the government to put him back on the case. The new job, in this backdrop, would be a challenge for Tahseen Anwar Ali Shah who will have to very carefully tread his way between serving the government and satisfying the court but he is very intellectual and he can achieve this job easily.



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