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It is indeed an honour to serve the province of the Punjab as a head of its peace keeping and law enforcing department. I pray Allah the Almighty to help me in carrying out my responsibilities with dedication and devotion and hope that the officers and the staff would do their job with the same spirit and enthusiasm and loyalty. We should be clear in our perceptions that we are here to provide peace, security and safety to our fellow citizens and to make the Punjab a model for other provinces. I am determined to get rid of vice, crime, lawlessness etc with the help and assistance of my eager and energetic officers, officials and the Jawans.

I shall do my best to win the trust of the people of the Punjab.

The vision of the Punjab Police is to be professional, service-oriented, accountable and free from corruption.
Our mission is to fight crime and win by providing dynamic and effective law enforcement. This will be possible only when investigation is free from all malpractices.

The Punjab Police will strive to uphold core values like integrity, courage, loyalty, and fairness in order to promote professionalism and trust. I expect courage and honesty to be the guiding force.

The operational priorities of the Punjab Police are as follows: maintain peace and order with public partnership; combat terrorism, sectarianism, and militancy; ensure security of vital installations and institutions; eliminate kidnappings for ransom; enforce traffic discipline; prompt and free registration of cases; fair and speedy investigations; professional and prompt response in calls for service; effectively redress public complaints; prevent highway, house, commercial, and street robberies; zero tolerance for violence, especially against women and children; arrest criminals and fugitives from justice; disseminate correct information to the public; and develop performance indicators along with monitoring mechanism.

The administrative priorities of the Punjab Police are as follows: internal accountability against corruption and misuse of authority; merit and fair play in recruitments, postings and promotions; accessibility to force and redress their problems; security of tenures at operational levels; emphasis on discipline, training and capacity building; up-gradation of equipment and infrastructure; welfare of junior ranks; incentives and rewards for good performance; and above all to promote team work for success.

As Punjab Police officers, we have to be more than just protectors of the public. We should be guardians of the people and friends to the community. We must be a service of tenacious individuals, bound by a common purpose to serve and go beyond the call of duty.

Our motto to achieve the above priorities would be “Performance with Purpose.” Let us all try and make a difference. May Allah guide and help us. Ameen

Gangs Smashed Top
2012 (upto April) 2011 (upto April)
Number of Gangs Busted 1024 941
Persons Arrested 3595 3318
Property Recovered Rs. 54,49,80,863/- Rs. 41,30,45,632/-

Recovery of Illicit Arms

Arms Recovered
2012 (upto April) 2011 (upto April)
Grenades 60 24
Kalashnikovs 412 326
Rifles 1355 1294
Guns 2146 1844
Revolvers/Pistols 11925 11956
Carbines 1204 1137
Cartridges 139398 131241
Sharp edge weapons 332 350

Arrest of Proclaimed Offenders/Court Absconders

Armed Encounters

IG for expediting terror cases

LAHORE: INSPECTOR General (IG) of Police Punjab Javed Iqbal on Monday has directed the officials that all pending cases of terrorism should be expedited so that terrorists must be awarded punishments according to the rules.

IG Punjab Javed Iqbal has said this while addressing the CPO and all DPOs of Rawalpindi region at the office of Regional Police Officer Rawalpindi on Monday. The IGP assigned them three tasks.

They were directed to first evaluate the crime trends and then adopt the effective strategy for elimination.

The second task was relating to the vehicle impounded in various police stations of Rawalpindi.

The IGP directed them to expedite the cases of these vehicles and hand them over to their owners after completing thorough investigation and due formalities of law.

The third was preparation of a complete and comprehensive report about kidnapping. Javed Iqbal directed the officers to furnish this report at the earliest so that in the light of this report, an effective strategy should be finalised to end this menace.

Prior to the above meeting, IGP made a surprise visit to two police stations of Rawalpindi Thana New Town and Thana Waris Khan respectively.

He asked the staff of these two police stations for completion of their records according to the police rules and also directed them to utilise all their capabilities to provide relief and security to the people.


SSP donates blood for child

LAHORE–SSP Investigation Abdul Razzaq Cheema gave comprehensive briefing to Children’s Hospital Medical Superintendent and the management regarding security arrangements at the hospital.

He also directed them to conduct refresher courses of the hospital’s security guards.

He personally analysed the working condition of 32 CCTV Cameras installed at various parts of the Hospital and also did cross questioning to 50 governmental and 50 private security guards.

He further asked the hospital management to further enhance security arrangements. During the visit of the SSP, it was announced that AB+ blood was needed for a nine-year-old child.

Abdul Razzaq Cheema donated his blood as a positive gesture to the public.



Recovery of Illicit Arms Top
Arms Recovered
2011 (upto April) 2010 (upto April)
Grenades 24 85
Kalashnikovs 326 258
Rifles 1294 1215
Guns 1844 2057
Revolvers/Pistols 11556 11550
Carbines 1137 1306
Cartridges 131241 114879
Sharp edge weapons 350 623
2011 (upto April) 2010 (upto April)
Number of Gangs Busted 941 739
Persons Arrested 3318 2553
Property Recovered Rs. 41,30,45,632/- Rs. 25,39,50,732/-
Source: SO (Investigation)

Crime Statistics

Punjab Crime Profile
2011* 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
All Reported 133429 386437 383379 374400 344925 342561
Against Person 15960 53398 51263 51836 46437 48624
Against Property 36403 98157 87660 84206 73291 81402
Local & Special Laws 47344 125622 134261 138912 151773 140241
Miscellaneous 33722 109260 110195 99446 73424 72294
*2011 upto April
All Reported Crimes
2011(upto April) 2010(upto April) Difference
Cases Registered 133429 122234 11195
Challaned 89131 84311 4820
Under Investigation 32884 27035 5849
Untraced 2550 2030 520
Cancelled 8864 8858 6
Convicted 25387 37041 -11654
Acquitted 20620 34920 -14300
Crimes Against Person in 2011(upto April)
Offence Registered Under Investigation Untraced Cancelled Challaned
Murder 1996 927 42 42 985
Attempted Murder 2279 881 50 135 1213
Hurt 5590 1759 24 336 3471
Kidnapping 4552 1649 14 1495 1394
Kidnapping for Ransom 68 20 0 9 39
Rape 787 221 2 187 377
Gang Rape 56 13 0 13 30
Other 632 26 32 24 550
Total 15960 5496 164 2241 8059
Crimes Against Property in 2011(upto April)
Offence Registered Under Investigation Untraced Cancelled Challaned
Dacoity 1071 551 28 80 412
Robbery 6430 3575 409 263 2183
Burglary 4949 2340 329 361 1919
Theft U/S 382 PPC 743 302 31 122 288
Cattle Theft 2850 709 59 334 1748
Motor Vehicle Snatching 2170 1208 129 88 745
Motor Vehicle Theft 7078 4920 689 183 1286
Others 11112 3213 463 1418 6018
Total 36403 16818 2137 2849 14599
Local and Special Laws in 2011(upto April)
Registered Under Investigation Untraced Cancelled Challaned
47344 1112 14 120 46098
Miscellaneous in 2011(upto April)
Registered Under Investigation Untraced Cancelled Challaned
33722 937 8 84 32693







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