Message From IG NH & MP

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Message From New National Highway And Motor Police:

Assuming the command of a dynamic police force like National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP), endowed with me the feeling of pride and pleasure. Assisted with professional expertise of the officers and valour of jawans, I urge to break new grounds to uplift the morale of the force and achieve high standards of professionalism and dexterity. It is, therefore, reiterated at my end to put an all out effort for the achievement of the mission of this force, which is to provide security and safety to commuters on the Motorway & Highways besides providing service to them.

The challenge is to serve and protect on the Highways & Motorways in the backdrop of ever increasing volume of vehicular traffic. The challenge also is to respond in case of mechanical or medical emergencies not only timely but effectively.

It is my firm belief that high standards set and achieved by National Highways & Motorway Police may be improved. This would be achieved by sheer commitment, integrity, hard work, and devotion that I expect from members of the force.

I feel honour to be in command of a Pakistan success story – NH&MP.

I pray to Almighty to shower his blessings on all of us and bestow the strength and guidance for the rule of law in the country

      IG NH & MP 

Zafar Abbas


Profile Of IG NG & MP Zafar Abbas:

Commissioned in the Police Service of Pakistan as an ASP in 1980, the Commander has held various Commands and Staff appointments in all tiers of the Police Service. He was the 1st DIG of Punjab Highway Patrolling Police Formation. He has served as Secretary for Narcotics Control Division besides numerous police postings in various ranks.


It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all officers and staff of the National Highways and Motorway Police for achieving the objectives, envisaged at the time of its creation in 1997. In a very short period, the officers have not only achieved high standards of policing, but also sustained these standards.

The consistent commitment demonstrated by the officers in providing service to the road users is highly commendable. They have indeed introduced a new approach towards policing which is service oriented and people friendly. As a result, the Motorway Police can justifiably take pride that this force is comparable to any user friendly and efficient police force in the world in terms of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

It is reassuring to note that National Highways & Motorway Police has been declared as the only corruption free department of the country, which serves as a role model for other organizations.

Trained from modern countries like UK, Germany and France, the officers of this force enjoy the distinction of excellent exposure, training background and mindset.

The extension of NH&MP’s jurisdiction to N-5 and its success over there is another feather in their cap. The consistently improving results are extremely encouraging.

The country wide Helpline “130” is also providing praiseworthy services to the motorists and the road users. It will certainly be helpful in the ever improving image of public service and achievements of this force.

The integrity of the officials of NH&MP is commendable, minimum possible response time is being maintained in times of emergencies. The achievements of the NH&MP are great but they could not be possible without the efforts of honest, dedicated and diligent officials of the force. It is due to great services rendered by the officers, the institution is maintaining high standards.

Motorway Police earned a good repute due to the friendly attitude and soft policing of its members. Motorway Police have shown an excellent performance and could be a role model for other departments. But the only challenge for us is how to maintain this standard. Providing help and guidance to the commuters, besides their counseling, was the hallmark of Motorway Police and it should be continued in all circumstances.


Zafar Abbas

Mandate And Objectives Of NH & MP

  1. To control traffic violations on Motorways as well as National Highways
  2. To brief and educate the road users on Motorways and Highways.
  3. To launch road safety campaigns to inculcate awareness among the motorists.
  4. To ensure safety and provide assistance to road users.
  5. Commitment to give due respect to all road users and be fair and firm.


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