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Message by the Inspector General of Police Balochistan

Balochistan Police has gone through a number of transitional stages from time to time. Almost the entire world is keenly following developments taking place in Balochistan in the wake of newly emerging geo-strategic importance of the province.

Responding to the challenges of modern era of Information Technology, Police department has undertaken a project to launch a web-site which will prove a big milestone in its future evolutionary progress. It has placed Balochistan Police firmly on the fast track of development and Information Super Highway. This web site will highlight and provide a long way in cementing the Police Public Partnership. I look forward to an enhanced level of community participation in maintaining law and order and also in the identification of unscrupulous elements in society as I believe that it is only with the help of the masses that we can meet the challenges of crime prevention and maintenance of law and order.

It is my firm belief that people have a right to know and I sincerely hope that this web-site will prove to be an important stepping stone in opening up the policing practices in Balochistan, to general public, through the sharing of information. We will be highlighting not only our performance and achievements; we will also be sharing our failures along with candid admission and reasons through this web-site. I look forward to your feedback and interaction.






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